Welcome to STEMerch!

About Us

Hey there! We are Zach Star & Jens Fehlau, the founders of STEMerch.

We are better known as the YouTube video creators Zach Star and Flammable Maths but mid 2020 we got the idea to work together on an online store that focuses on providing our YouTube followers as well as all of the STEM community with a variety of science related items.

The main goal of STEMerch is to build up a wide repertoire of all things STEM over the next couple of years with the main focus on selling items that you would not normally find in other online stores. This includes original apparel designs, 3D printed models and, of course, exclusive clocks and wrist watches like our highly sought-after Incredibly Unrigorous Engineering Clock.

Currently STEMerch is using a drop shipping type sales model to get the items manufactured and delivered to your doorstep. But in the near future we are hoping to produce all the items ourselves in cooperation with other companies. One example are our exclusive 3D printed models that will soon be available for purchase. 

Here at STEMerch we also offer you the service of reaching out to us and getting your own design ideas produced! To use this option, simply navigate to our Design Request page and shoot us a message. Also, we like to keep things personal here at STEMerch. Zach & Jens are going to personally deal with all the handling, shipping and customer service! No need for 3rd party interactions, outsourcing and auto-generated mails. If you've got something on your mind, we will make sure that you will hear from us in due time.


Our Staff:











Zach Star, Co-Founder and CEO of STEMerch LLC. 

Owner of the YouTube channels Zach Star and Zach Star Himself.

Graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Responsible for: Bad puns, Website Design, Customer Management, Shipping and Handling













Jens Fehlau, Co-Founder and CEO of STEMerch LLC. 

Owner of the YouTube channels Flammable Maths and Flammable Maths Two.

Responsible for: Memes, Website Design, Customer Management, Shipping and Handling, Designs and Design Requests