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The Incredibly Unrigorous Engineering Watch


Regular price $34.69

The Incredibly Unrigorous Engineering Watch

PLEASE READ: The watch listed as 'pre-sale' currently has not gone to production yet so it will be a few months before the item arrives which is why the price is lower than the other watches. 

The silver band, black band, and leather band variants are adjustable

The 'stretch band' variant has a slightly larger face and has a stretch band which simply stretches to fit your wrist.

Estimated shipping time (for non 'pre-sale' watches): 4-5 weeks

Estimated shipping time for pre-sale watch: 4-6 months

Use discount code "TIME" to get a discount at checkout when you purchase a clock & watch.

Instructions on how to adjust the silver band watch here: https://youtu.be/_sKnDS8Uz90?t=48